The Exchange : This project  played with the subjectivity of language  with  regards to various net  communication systems particularly in terms of the creation/evolution of meaning

All at Sea  was  based around  being in  unfamiliar  environments  whilst In the Air  was  based around ideas of growth  and  development  in unnatural environments.

Gifting/found objects : this project includes  sculptures  and prints, it is a kind of collaboration by proxy formed  around the idea of engaging with strangers on the internet. The work plays with  the contemporary drive to  present  the private self publically.

Heading South at the Hawkesbury Regional Gallery as part of 'The Golden Age' exhibition  May 2011

The work acts as a kind of collage  evolving  from memories and translations of stories of my fathers adventures as suggested to me as  a child. The images reference ephemera such as old postcards, photographs, woodcuts  - playing with  notions of truths, tradition,  and how new meanings are created.

Touch and Swerve : 

(as part of 'Synthetic Spaces' Western Front 2007 - Hawkesbury Regional Gallery   This  installation referenced  the  connections made and  crossroads taken through chance occurances  and unexpected findings  when 'just looking' ( browsing) on the internet. The works incorporated lino cuts,drawings,paintings and carvings.

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