Messing with Mr In Between - wishbones, acrylic on card in  found frame. 2017 

The trick is balancing the what ifs.

                 Life Times  :  Self Portrait - Acrylic on card in  found frames -  you think you have all the time in the world

No Permanent Fixtures :  acrylic on inkjet  with found frames.  A warm room, sunshine  and memories -  thats it

Accumulations. Acrylic on found card - started 2017.I have a relationship with my objects that border on hoarding. This project stands in for a pseudo archiving of the things that I collect.  I wonder whether in doing that I might then be able to relinquish the original

Slips and Diffs (all in the same boat) -  drypoint, linocuts, acrylic paint, charcoal . All I want is a room somewhere, far away from the cold night air

The Chat-  Linocuts :  I am interested in word games and the power of rhetoric. Not listening ( which simultaneously empowers and disempowers) is a kind of resistance to a world where influence is held by those who weild their words deftly. 2005 +

                                      'Heading South' -  linocuts, solarplate,coloured pencils and acrylic paint

                                 Touch and Swerve  -  lino cuts, carved glycerine, acrylic paint, coloured pencils

                                              Anima Espirito   - acrylic  paint, embroidery-  Casula Powerhouse

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